The Mermaid Inn

Brunch. The 20-somethings favorite thing to do, as it is, in my opinion, the most acceptable excuse for drinking before noon. Luckily for the young New Yorker the city is at no shortage of brunch spots. From the ever affordable bottomless deals,  to the fancy places you can’t afford that you choose when your parents suggest brunch, there are unlimited options to cure your hangover on a Sunday.

Last Sunday found me and my family on the Upper West Side at a place I was very excited about. Located in the high 80’s on Amsterdam, The Mermaid Inn offers brunch with a mermaid twist in an area that is populated with tons of cute little restaurants. (meaning that if you can’t get in you’ll have plenty of other options) They also have nice outdoor space which means that dining outside in the summer is an option – something that is always an attraction to my family.

FOOD: Classic brunch options with additional seafood options (oysters, raw bar, etc.)   The food at The Mermaid Inn was absolutely everything I had heard it would be. Our table started with a dozen oysters and the yellow fin tuna crudo. The oysters were extremely fresh with the perfect amount of brininess. They were served with cocktail sauce and a classic red wine vinaigrette. The tuna crudo was high quality and served with jalapeños and avocado which only enhanced the raw quality of the fish. IMG_4041


Following that we each ordered entrées. I ordered the “nearly famous lobster roll”. It came filled to the brim with lobster and with a heaping pile of fries covered in old bay seasoning.  I will definitely be putting old bay on my fries in the future.


My mom ordered the Kale Salad with grilled shrimp and ricotta. She said the kale was chopped very finely which helped alleviate the bitter quality kale can sometimes have. IMG_4044.jpg

COCKTAILS: Specialty brunch cocktails as well as regular beer and wine list. The brunch cocktails listed all sounded right up my alley so making a choice was difficult (I had to pick only one cause I was at a family brunch) Ultimately I chose “The Fresca”. It had hanger one mandarin, st. germain, lemon and soda. I only knew what the “lemon and soda” part meant but got nervous when the waiter came over and spat that out. It turned out to be very refreshing and perfect for a hot summer day in NYC. It also tasted exactly like canned Fresca with alcohol, which brought my dad back to his childhood and prompted lots of story telling.

Overall my brunch at The Mermaid Inn was satisfying and enjoyable. The ability to sit outside coupled with the extremely fresh and well prepared food was the perfect way to start my Sunday. I will definitely be going back to The Mermaid Inn.


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